JUSTAR, previously ‘English for You’ and ‘Just English’ translation services and language courses has been operating since 1997. In August 2016 it was moved to London, UK and has been providing its services worldwide as a UK based company.

ANDRZEJ RACKI, the owner of the company, is an experienced interpreter and translator of the English, Russian, Polish and Ukrainian languages. Mr Racki is a certified high school graduation examiner (ref.no. 433102625) and a holder of the Qualified Teacher Status for England, issued by the Chair of the General Teaching Council for England, entitling him to teach in maintained and non-maintained schools in England (ref.no. 0731030, April,2nd, 2007).

JUSTAR offers written (regular and sworn translation), simultaneous and consecutive translation services in Polish-English-Russian-Ukrainian languages provided by highly qualified and experienced translators. Our team of Polish and foreign translators is passionate, ambitious and fully professional. Their experience in the fields of economics, finances, marketing, European Union policy, medicine, animal breeding, animal feed, tourism, the hotel industry, technology and others, unfailingly meets the demands of our clients and has been appreciated by such companies, organizations and institutions as:

  • The European Parliament, Brussels
  • The Committee of the Regions, Brussels
  • USAID, US Agency for International Development
  • U.S. Embassy in Warsaw, Poland
  • Michelin, Poland
  • Nova –Tech, USA
  • Amplico Aig
  • The Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • Waseda University, Tokyo
  • Danone
  • NFM Group
  • Ops-Core
  • Polartec
  • Planning and Development Department, the city of Orlando, Florida
  • Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland
  • Stockholm International Water Institute, Sweden
  • Regional Accounting Chamber in Krakow, Poland
  • London Business School;
  • The Warmia and Mazury Marshal’s Office in Olsztyn.
  • The Warmia and Mazury Regional Office in Olsztyn.
  • The Municipality of the city of Olsztyn.
  • The Local Authorities of Bornholm, Denmark.
  • The Baltic Sea Euroregion.
  • The Local Authorities of the District of Kaliningrad.
  • The Local Authorities of the Rivne District in Ukraine.
  • “Grelavi” company in Olsztyn- the company belongs to Hendrix Genetics, the largest turkey eggs and chicks producer in Poland.
  • Wipasz, animal feed company
  • “ETOS’ animal feed components company from Poznań, Poland
  • The Mikołajki Hotel***** in Mikołajki, Poland
  • Serwis Plus in Warsaw, Poland (outsourcing company)
  • and many more….

JUSTAR is a guarantee of sterling quality, confidentiality and individual approach to clients’ needs. We aim not just to serve our clients, but also to build long-lasting relationships with them.